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Accountancy Ireland Interview - Kerri O'Connell
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Small and Expanding Businesses:
Getting the Tax Right

After many years of advising owner/manager businesses, our principal Kerri O'Connell decided it was high time that Irish entrepreneurs had an informative guide to the tax implications of many decisions/issues faced by the small and expanding Irish business. So she has written the book !

Published by Chartered Accountants Ireland in January 2017, Kerri's book includes topics such as

choosing the right business structure, raising finance and securing business premises, keeping taxes on trading profits down, accessing the Research and Development tax credit and the EIIS scheme. Valuable sections on managing tax payments and handling a Revenue audit are also included. Many of the Irish tax issues to be considered when expanding abroad are also set out.

Accountancy Ireland

A previous winner of the Accountancy Ireland award for best feature, Kerri O'Connell has contributed a number of articles to this publication (Chartered Accountant Ireland's bi-monthly journal) over the years.

In the August 2018 edition, Kerri reviewed the four major tax reliefs relied upon by SME businesses and highlighted the restrictions operating within each relief that may render them unattractive.

Previous Articles

  • In the December 2016 edition, Kerri's article 'Irish SMEs and the Tax Agenda' reviewed the current tax landscape for Irish SMEs in light of the 2017 Budget and the draft Finance Bill 2016.

  • FDI Fundamentals (October 2010). The focus of this article was Ireland's continuing attractiveness as a location for foreign direct investment. (Page 68)

  • Tax & The New Entrepreneur: Advising Businesses of the Future (December 2010). This article reviewed tax opportunities and pitfalls for new Irish business. (Page 72)