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Business Owner

We advise clients on all aspects of the business life cycle including; start-up, financing, expansion in Ireland and abroad, restructuring and change of business owners. Planning for the future so that the business can take advantage of valuable tax reliefs, such as Research & Development tax credits and the EIIS scheme,  is also part of our service.

When advising Irish SMEs, we are aware that the business owner/manager often spends so much time focussed on the business that they do not properly manage after their personal financial affairs. The perspective of the individuals behind the business remains firmly


In addition to advising on the tax implications of buying/selling a business, we pro-actively work with clients to determine if pre-transaction restructuring would give a better result.

We also advise on the best method of buying and selling business and property investment assets, as well as providing pre-purchase/sale due diligence services. 

Ireland continues to be an attractive location for foreign direct investment and for international businesses to be located. We advise businesses and personal clients arriving into Ireland on their Irish tax obligations.

One of the most significant taxes to be managed by both landlords and tenants of commerical or residential investment properties is VAT. We advise on all VAT aspects of property transactions including; purchase, sale and the creation, surrender and assignment of leases. We also advise on a property's VAT status and history and the obligations of the Capital Goods Scheme. 

Other taxes may be impacted by property transaction, e.g. income/corporation tax, stamp duty, and these are also considered.


Personal and family clients come to us to discuss both imminent transactions and long-term planning in relation to holding and passing on assets. We advise on gifts and inheritances of personal/family assets, with a focus on maximising tax reliefs on asset transfers. The structure of planned family investments e.g. family partnerships or trusts will have a significant impact on future tax implications and we advise on the most appropriate structures tailored to our clients' circumstances.   

The tax impact of changes in personal circumstances, including change of tax residency or marital status, are also included in our advisory services.

We prepare and file all personal tax returns required when carrying out any of the events noted; including returns for income tax, capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax, stamp duty, VAT and trusts. 

We also provide an annual personal tax return service for our personal and family clients.